Summit Multimedia is full service Audio & Video recording studio as well as a post production environment for Audio & Video editing in Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM). One of the advantages we have is that since we're a small operation, we have very low overhead. We provide a professional production environment to customers at very low cost. Although we're not set up for recording large music groups, we're ideal for small groups or bands.

What we do excel in is a superb production facility for documentary and advertising writers and producers. We can capture any audio tracks for your finished or rough cut video or slide presentation, integrate your music or create music for you, edit down to final audio and video tracks.

We also provide all your graphics production requirements including website development, logo and design work and any pre-press production work. We work with several of the largest media production companies so we can get your final media produced on either CD, DVD or Blu Ray!

Don't take our word for it, just read our customer testimonials:

     "I have been working with Scott for over a decade. In 2001, he did a wide variety of jobs for me for my first CD release, “Peace Of My Mind”. He did the graphics for the CD artwork which is phenomenal.  Scott did other graphics work for the project including show posters, retail posters, and postcards for CD release mailing.  Also, he did some studio work on the CD in the master phase of the project.  Recently, his multi-talent proved to be a factor in the success of my recent release, “Beyond The Surface”.  Once, again Scott did the CD graphics, posters, postcards and also buffing up my photos and graphics for my EPK and Radio release materials.  Scott’s work that I am most proud of is my website www.niecie.net.   It is kicking!

The cool thing about the work on my new CD release “Beyond The Surface” was all it was all done remote.  After being thrilled with the work Scott did on my first release, many years passing, I hunted him down and found him in Santa Fe, NM.  It was so beneficial to a road warrior like myself to be able to accomplish the work without having to lay eyes on someone.

Scott is multi-talented and offers a wide range of products and services.  I highly recommend him for job you’ll be happy about!!!  You can check out his great work by exploring my website www.niecie.net."

- Niecie

     "Summit Multi-Media recently designed a website for Coca’s T.V. Service.  Scott was prompt and quick to respond to all my web design needs. I am getting great results from his work.   I highly recommend Scott for all your web design and multi-media requests".

 Thanks again, for such a great job!

- Emilio (Coca's TV)

Please call 505-428-0120505-428-0120 if you have questions!


Scott H. (owner)