Harlan McKosato and I completed this documentary project in the spring of 2016 of Cheyanne Da Brady, Miss Indian World 2015/2016.

I just completed this project working with Sid Westcott from Goodfellaz Security here in my home office in downtown Santa Fe. Sid was an excellent person to work with. He has real vision for where he wants to take his company and is using this video to shop it to the networks for a reality show. I designed all the special effects in After Effects and did all the video and sound editing.

In 2014 I was invited to the Art Bar in Albuquerque and decided to record the entire show the day of the show. I took my three cameras and recorded the show from two different angles and with a third mobile camera. I also recorded the sound using my outboard equipment and did all the final editing in my office.

I did this quick recording of James Baker and Raven Redfox at the Dual Brewing using a 3 camera setup. I recorded the sound using outboard gear and put everything together in the final editing.