Summit Multimedia is in the process of working on several new websites.  Here are some of the latest one we've released.  We will continue to add our clients sites here and profile our latest work! There are brief descriptions on this page but we encourage you to visit their sites to see how they work. We also spend a great deal of time here optimizing our customers sites for the search engines. "Crows Landing" is very new and probably won't show up but Niecie, James and Cocas all get top ranking!



 Sorrel runs a very private related business here in Santa Fe but she stated that she needed something to be able to give directions and some information to her clients quickly.

 I came up with the idea of designing something based in far East philosophy using the stone path picture she provided. The idea is to draw the viewer into a 3D type space with pleasing colors and easy to read important information.

 Dr. Barkey needed a site that was very much to the point with just the important information she needed to get to her clients. Although I'm not in favor of so much wordiness I tried to keep the design as pleasant as possible with choice of coors and layout. I hope that it comes across as somewhat fun and informational. elisabethbarkey

 We were recently commissioned to do the complete update and restructuring of Roxanne Swentzells Tower Gallery website. Although we did not do the initial design, we were brought in to restructure the entire site and create a new presence for the front page.

 The package included moving her site to a new hosting account along with cleaning up all the HTML code. We are also responsible for periodically updating the site content and all Search Optimization. Her site has had a huge jump in traffice since we began our work.

 We are very proud to be part of the promotion of this excellent artist and her gallery!

 Lesley Macfarlane is the latest addition to the Summit Multimedia growing family. These beautiful original paintings are only available through contacting her.

Lesley Macfarlane was born in Scotland and moved to the USA as an adult, currently residing in Los Gatos, California. Her work has been described as colorful, vibrant, sensual, and whimsical. Her pieces are contemporary and expressionistic in style and extremely inviting to the viewer's eye.


 Niecie is a renowned artist that spends most of her time recording and touring world wide. She has two albums out and both of them have artwork inserts that were produced by our company.

Her website is database managed with extensive content. Most of the artistic content was produced here at Summit MM but the site also has a large amount of content produced by other parties such as the Internet radio emblems.

We are grateful that Niecie spent a good deal of time tracking us down as we had moved to a new location a few years ago and all of our contact information had changed. We were happy to hear from her and continue our working relationship.

 Cocas TV Repair Service is one of the best companies I've dealt with here in town. Emilio is such an easy going person and great to work with. I took some electronic equipment to him and he was super fair about the charges and did a spectacular job at the same time. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing repair on any piece of electronic equipment.

We developed this CMS site for him but kept the content down to an absolute minimum. He essentially needed a site that would provide a place for customers to find him. We included an interactive map but we also spent a good deal of time working on getting him listed on Google business listings, Angies List and some other listings. If you type in "TV Repair, Santa Fe, NM" into the search engines he comes up at the top of the page!